How to use GetEntity

first post: esramos wrote: Hi, Could you provide some examples using GetEntity? ty!

latest post: helloworld65 wrote: It's not dead guys, I've been busy writing a new portable version w...

Making Fluent Steam WebAPI for C# portable

first post: joshmachol wrote: Hi, I was wondering if you would accept changes that made this li...

GetMatchDetails requires these parameters: match_id

first post: kurio wrote: Just getting this error: GetMatchDetails requires these parameters:...

latest post: helloworld65 wrote: That is a bug, I will release an update shortly

How to use Interface IEconItems of Team Fortress 2

first post: esramos wrote: How can I do this? Its saying: IEconItems requires a SteamGameType...

latest post: helloworld65 wrote: Hi esramos, that is a bug and will be fixed shortly.

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